New Ghostscript Colour Architecture

40 minutes - double-length talk
Mon, 2010-01-18 10:45 - 11:25

In this technical talk, I'll give a brief introduction to colour management, how it works and why it's important, and then describe what we've been doing in the Ghostscript project to improve our support for ICC profiles.

There has been much attention recently on adding support ICC-based colour management to the free and open source graphics software stack. Formerly specialized to high-end publishing applications, advances in computing power, colour printing and the ubiquity of digital cameras are now bringing this technology to ordinary print graphics, and it will eventually be important for the web and multimedia.

Ghostscript has been an integral part of the printing toolchain in free operating systems since the days of black-and-white. We've had to do some extensive rework of the way we handle images and colour to bring our support up to the quality and performance levels our users need. Our new design features easy integration of different colour management systems, buffer-at-a-time conversion using linked transforms indexed by object type and rendering intent, communication of document and device ICC profiles between the interpreter and the rendering back-end. I'd like to describe the API we've developed to handle all that, and discuss how we can work together to improve ICC support in the free software ecosystem.

Ralph Giles

Ralph Giles has been an active developer in open source graphics and multimedia for a decade. He helps maintain Ghostscript, an essential part of the libre printing toolchain. He also volunteers with the project for free and open multimedia technology.