Blender 3D Modeling and Animation

40 minutes - double-length talk
Mon, 2010-01-18 15:45 - 16:45

A showcase of what can be done with Blender including a hands on tutorial on how to get started with the programme, or more advanced features if requested. The main focus will be modelling and/or character animation.

To participate fully, please make sure you have Blender 2.49 installed on your laptop, and check the online programme for downloads to learning resources which will be used during the tutorial. Having a USB stick to share these files is helpful, although time we will get through a lot more if people have downloaded in advance.

Please Note:
The files in the .zip below are the ones I am likely to use during the talk, and it will be helpful if they are pre-downloaded onto your laptop. Please check this page regularly for updates (check version number). Be sure to have Blender 2.49 installed (2.5 is alpha and some covered features may not yet work in the 2.5 version)

Lance Flavell

Lance is a fully registered teacher with an interest in 3D modeling and animation. He holds an animation diploma from Auckland's industry-centric Media Design School (learning in Maya) and has since persued applying this knowledge to Open Source software packages. Working mainly in Blender, Lance frequents the Blender community forums and also gives assistance with various educational programmes teaching students to explore 3D computer graphics.