How to Use FOSS Graphics Tools to Pay for College

40 minutes - double-length talk
Mon, 2010-01-18 14:15 - 14:55

No matter what manner of higher learning institution one might apply for, that education represents a significant monetary investment. In this talk, Elizabeth will explain how you can go about helping to pay your way through school using completely open source software. She will describe how becoming involved in the open source community has helped ready her for a college environment, the scholarships she is currently applying for, and how she is tackling each one with a different set of entirely free software graphics applications.

Elizabeth Garbee

A 17 year old and recent high school graduate from the US, Elizabeth developed an early interest in open source, installing her first Debian machine (with some help!) at age 9. Since then, her main computing interest has been graphics manipulation and digital art. Aside from computers, Elizabeth is a dedicated student who is passionate about music, enjoys reading comic books, and is looking forward to entering Oberlin College in the fall of 2010.