Dynamic PDF reports via XSL and Inkscape

<5 minutes - lightning talk
Mon, 2010-01-18 17:20 - 17:25

Based on an article in Linux Journal some years ago, I've been using XSL and PHP to transform Inkscape XML into PDFs using dynamic data generated on the fly on a webserver - this lightning talk explains the process.


Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin is the Executive Director of Creative Contingencies, an Australian company specialising in customised web services, research and event management. In addition to this Donna is currently President of Linux Users of Victoria and an active member of LinuxChix, Open Source Victoria and Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA). Donna was a board member of OSIA and served as director for 2006-2008 and currently organises the Melbourne OSIA gatherings. She was the lead organiser for Australia’s largest free and open source conference, linux.conf.au in Melbourne in 2008. Donna is a passionate advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions for small business and education and is currently writing a book about Inkscape, an open source vector graphic drawing application. She is also developing a Matrix that matches the Victorian Essential learning standards with Free and Open Source Software. In 2008 she delivered a keynote address at the K12 Open Minds conference in Indianapolis, USA and the Sakai conference in Melbourne and delivered an Inkscape tutorial at linux.conf.au 2009 in Hobart, Australia. Donna was profiled by Jacinta Richardson and Roland Gesthuizen for the inaugural Ada Lovelace day celebrating women in technology. http://www.linkedin.com/in/donnabenjamin http://www.geekspeakr.com/speaker/donna-benjamin Read my business blog - http://cc.com.au/donna Read my personal blog - http://kattekrab.net

Peter Lieverdink

Peter Lieverdink was born in a small Dutch country town in 1973. He owns a pair of clogs, but has never eaten tulips. On his 22nd birthday, Peter moved to Australia, and after briefly spending time in a office cubicle he now runs a small business called Creative Contingencies Pty. Ltd. The business depends on open source software for infrastructure and development as well as daily office tasks. Peter specialises in web application development and helping other businesses implement open source solutions using Linux on both desktops and servers.